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Project Description
GeometricIntersection is an XNA library for testing for intersection between geometric shapes. It supports 2D intersection tests between circles, oriented rectangles, and polygons and 3D intersection tests between spheres, oriented boxes, cylinders, and capsules.

This project is designed to help XNA developers get intersection working quickly. A few of the intersection methods are not highly optimized (At least not at this time, I'd like that to change), but most are reasonable. This is not designed to be a physics engine. All it does is provide intersection tests for geometric shapes. It provides intersection detection between the following shapes (Of course there are no intersection tests between 2D and 3D shapes):
Oriented Rectangle

Oriented Box (OBB, which is easily an AABB by providing the identity matrix for the transformation)

Point containment methods are provided for 2D shapes. Point containment and ray intersection methods are provided for 3D shapes.

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